Final overall results SkiffieWorlds 2022

Updated 1pm July 6th 2022

SASI has now been able to review the corrected score sheet. We are therefore now able to call a winner at 8 best results. For the benefit of all, SASI has decided that for SkiffieWorlds 2022 the ranking will be based of 6 best performances in the finals only. SASI thanks all for contributing to the discussion and will promote the development of St Ayles Skiff rowing worldwide.

Worlds 2022 RANKING V 2
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Worlds 2022 POINTS V 2
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 Dundrum Coastal Rowing Club has for the 3rd time gained the top spot of St Ayles Skiff rowing in the World! The final results of SkiffieWorlds have been carefully calculated. In all, 54 clubs competed at the top level in some exciting and very close racing. SASI congratulates all participants and invites all to SkiffieWorlds 2025.