Race course

Competition course

  • A one kilometer long, ten-lane competition course in between VM23 buoy in front of the 'Landbouwhaven' at Kortgene and VM17 buoy.
  • The course consists of 10 lanes, 20 meters wide at the start, tapering to 25 meters wide at the turning buoys (figure 2).
  • The turning buoy should be taken clockwise for everyone.
  • Minimum depth of the racecourse is 1 meter, there is no tide.
  • The entire route is clearly marked with marker buoys, including 2 governmental buoys (VM21 and VM19) on the route
  • The start is at the Veersteiger Kortgene (figure 1.8). From the start, 1000m must be rowed in an assigned lane towards the Northeast; after the turning buoy, 1000m must be rowed back to complete the two-kilometer race.
  • All skiffs keep their own lane during the start up until the turning buoys as well as after turning. They can leave their lanes halfway on the way back to the finish, as these lanes are not in line with the start lanes. Please check the figures. 

The start line

In every lane there is a start buoy with attached bobbin. 


The finish (figure 1.7) is in front of the grandstand (figure 1.9)

Figure 1

Figure 2