Terms and conditions & refund policy

Risk and liability

  • Participating in SkiffieWorlds 2022 is at the own risk of participants, registrants and other parties involved.
  • The organization 'VMS services' and its voluntary employees, nor the parties it represents, can be held liable in any way for any damage whatsoever, including damage / loss of skiff, equipment, personal belongings, persons on board or third parties and/or goods directly or indirectly related to participating SkiffieWorlds2022. 
  • This also includes damage as a result of skiff launch / taking out of the water activities including involved vehicles and / or parking of trailers as well as vehicles. 
  • After embarking until debarking the cox is at all times responsible for the skiff as well as the crews' safety
  • Wearing PFDs (personal flotation devices) during the races is mandatory for the full crew. 


  • Skiffie Worlds Kortgene 2022 will be held under the St Ayles Skiff International (SASI) Rules of Racing (SCRA 2021 edition) and the Construction and Measurement Rules (SCRA 2021 Edition). 
  • Rules can be found on SASI Website www.staylesinternational.org as well as here >>
  • In compliance with these rules all crews must be covered by suitable third - party insurance, it is the responsibility of participants to ensure they are duly coveredinsured. The responsibility lies with the club to comply with ALL regulations.
  • Any St Ayles Skiff owner/Club can participate using only one skiff per club/group, as long as the entry is registered in the event.
  • You can hire rowers from other clubs , but the points go to the club / skiff that is registered.
  • Age categories refer to age of each individual rower in the boat on the first day of the Skiffie Worlds 27th june 2022.


  • Drinking of alcoholic beverages during competition by competitors is prohibited from the field or primary area of competition. Violators of this rule may be disqualified. 
  • Spectators may consume alcoholic beverages as long as they are separated from the area of competition.

Refund Policy

  • When canceling your registration a refund will be transferred to you;
    • before 1st January 2022 a 100% refund will be paid.
    • in between 1st January - 1st February a 80% refund will be paid
    • in between 1st February - 1st March a 60% refund will be paid
    • in between 1st March - 1st April a 40% refund will be paid
    • in between 1st April - 1st May a 20% refund will be paid
    • After 1st May no refund will be paid



Kortgene, May 2021