Compliance check at SkiffieWorlds2022

SASI measurement group has produced a annotated Building and Measurement Rules document to help participants anticipate the compliance check at SkiffieWorlds2022. In black are the 2021 rules which are currently in force and will be until after Skiffieworlds. In blue are notes which are not part of the rules but show how the rules will be applied.

It would be good to check that skiffs which will race at the event are compliant so as to avoid disappointment at the event. Skiffs will be examined as they arrive and weighed. Clubs are encouraged to contact SASI well before the event if they have any doubts about whether their skiff or its equipment are compliant, so that if alterations are necessary they can be done in good time.

If anyone has a query about any part of a skiff, you can send an email, preferably with photos, to and he will share them with the technical group for a decision.

SASI Building And Measurement Rules 2021 And Comments For SW 2022
PDF – 98,9 KB 434 downloads