Rules and regulations

  • For Rules of racing follow here >>
  • Rules can also be found on SASI Website
  • In compliance with these rules all crews must be covered by suitable third - party insurance, it is the responsibility of participants to ensure they are duly coveredinsured. The responsibility lies with the club to comply with ALL regulations.
  • Clubs who are members of their NCA are able to compete in Skiffie Worlds. An exception to this rule applies to invited promotional teams.
  • Any St Ayles Skiff owner/Club can participate using only one skiff per club/group, as long as the entry is registered in the event. Skiffs can be lend to attending clubs unable to provide them for themselves due to travel difficulties and on an invitation basis.
  • Age categories refer to age of each individual rower in the boat on the first day of the Skiffie Worlds 27th june 2022.

Keep in mind that:

  • Every St Ayles Skiff will be checked before launch.
  • Every member of the St Ayles Skiff is personally registered and receives a race pass for participation.
  • At all heats and finals there is a prior check on age, gender and race pass.
  • Every participant in the boat, before and during the race, is checked for wearing a life jacket.
  • The finals must be rowed with the same team as the heats.
  • Clubs will be able to make up for a shortfall in their crews by attracting rowers from other clubs subject to rowers only being able to row in one race category for one club. Only 2 non-club members may participate in a composite crew. Points awarded towards the championship will go to the club with the majority onboard (including the cox).