Safety Officer & Request for Review

Safety Officer

  • The Safety Officer is in charge of the overall safety of the event, and the Chief Umpire is in charge of all the racing.
  • If safety issues arise on the water, the Chief Umpire may decide to delay or cancel races, in conjunction with the Safety Officer.
  • If a situation give any danger to the participants or the supporters of the event, such as extreme weather, a terrorist incident or a marine emergency, the Safety Officer would be able to tell the Chief Umpire to stop the racing. Safety comes first.
  • Distress signal form the skiffs is indicated by two crossed and raised oars.
  • There is also a VHF radio on board to give a distress signal "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday - Name Skiff, Name Skiff, Name Skiff"
  • Under the safety Officer is an official Traffic Controller in place, which monitors all boat traffic outside the race course , including the ferry and is in direct contact with the Chief Umpire. He is on board of the Altina 3.

Request for Review

  • In case of an “incident” , the crew can ask for a request for review.
  • The cox can request for review up until 30 minutes after their heat/final.
  • The 'request for review' form is available in the office tent. The Judge(s) will take this form into consideration.