Start – Turn – Finish

  • From the Atina 3 (figure 2-10) the signal (megaphone) will be given that skiffs can line up at the start, each lane has its own buoy with handle and will be held by the cox.
  • The starting procedure is now transferred to the VHF and closed with a sound horn.
  • Start is given from the finish tower.
  • The start, turn and the finish are visible on camera.
  • At the turning buoys are boats with judge(s) to check whether the buoy is taken correctly, without hindering other skiffs.
  • The finish is via a line on the camera.
  • Each finish will be accompanied by a signal.
  • Results are given from the office tent
  • When finished please go directly to the Skiff jetty (figure 2-5)

Figure 2